From Route 128:

Take the Route 109 exit off Route 128 and travel west toward Westwood. Approximately two (2) miles on right, just beyond the fire station, and next to Folsom’ s Funeral Home is the white Westwood Masonic Building with a sign in front situated next to the sidewalk. At the traffic lights take a right onto Windsor Road. Access to the parking lot, left of the building, is via Windsor Road.

From Route 495:

Take the Route 109 exit off Route 495 in Milford and head east. Follow route 109 for approximately 16 miles to Westwood.

(Important Note: En route, approximately 3 miles from the 109/495 interchange, you will approach a white church (Medway Community Church). Route 109 takes a 90 degree turn to the right and THEN another 90 degree turn to the left.

You will drive thru Westwood Center (not very large). After driving past the Mobil Station on the right you will go through one set of traffic lights. Immediately after these lights will be a second set of traffic lights. Take a left onto Windsor Road, then an immediate right into the lodge building parking area. The Westwood Masonic Building is a white building, with a sign in front situated next to sidewalk, next to Folsom’s Funeral Home. If you start approaching the interchange of Routes 109 and 128, reverse direction… you’ve overshot the building.

Safe travel time from 109/495 interchange: approximately 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic.