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Freemasonry in Massachusetts dates back to 1733, when the oldest and largest fraternity in the world made its way to Boston and then throughout America. Since then, Freemasonry has flourished in the Commonwealth. At the corner of Boylston and Tremont streets in Boston stands the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts, which governs thirty districts and hundreds of lodges. Famous Massachusetts masons include many founding fathers, including Paul Revere, Joseph Warren, and Samuel Adams. The gift of freemasonry is timeless and its traditions have remained constant in a constantly changing world.

If you are viewing this site for the first time it means you have at least a passing interest in finding out more about Rabboni Lodge. Although all Masonic lodges govern themselves in the same way and promote the same fraternal tenets, each lodge is unique in its composition of members. So, why should you select our lodge and what can you expect from forming a lifetime friendship with our members?

Rabboni Lodge welcomes men from all generations and walks of life. We take great pride in our members who unceasingly give of their time, treasures, and talents to fulfill the tenets of Freemasonry. The meaningful lessons during our monthly meetings, the camaraderie shared during social events, the commitment to helping others, all contribute toward offering a unique satisfaction in time well spent. As you navigate this site we hope it provides enough information about who we are and why we are passionate about our commitment to Freemasonry, our lodge, and our members.

We encourage you to consider Freemasonry as a means to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others. Rabboni Lodge would enjoy the opportunity to help you grow as a man, and to leave a lasting legacy to others.


Rabboni Lodge has a long history in Massachusetts Freemasonry which begins in 1868. In the times when the Civil war had ended, railroads and industries were being built and the steamships were landing over 20,000 immigrants on our docks per year. Fourteen freemasons met to discuss the possibility of establishing a new Masonic Lodge in the thriving South Boston area. It seems to have been a typical American group, composed of a merchant trader, sailmaker, machinist, manufacturer, oil refiner, lumber dealers, horticulturalist, insurance agent, undertaker and clerk. The Grand Master granted the dispensation on January 11, 1869, and thus Rabboni Lodge was created. 

The grandson of Paul Revere, William B. Revere, belonged to Rabboni Lodge. Paul Revere laid the cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House in 1795. A quote from William Revere at a Rabboni Lodge meeting stated, “These are suspicious days when the Arts and Sciences are establishing themselves in this happy Country, Country distinguished from the rest of the world by being a government of laws; where liberty has found a safe and secure abode; and where her sons are determined to support and protect her. May we, my Brethren — he said — so square our actions through life as to show the world of mankind that we mean to live within the compass of good citizenship and that we wish to stand upon a level with them.

The motive that prompted Paul Revere to become a Mason was the same that actuates every man who seeks a knowledge of Masonic mysteries properly, that is, a constructive desire to perfect himself in manly virtues and to find a field for the exercise of the fraternal instinct.”

Rabboni Lodge has met in many different homes over the years, from South Boston, Downtown Boston, Dorchester, Milton and currently in Westwood. This lodge has seen the cobblestones of much of Boston and provided membership to so many men who took part of the foundation of Boston before and after our American Independence. 

Today, Rabboni Lodge meets at 655 High St. in Westwood, MA and belongs to the 6 th Masonic District of Massachusetts. It’s a very vibrant community of Brothers, that is considered one of the most active in the district and the jurisdiction. In 2022, Rabboni Lodge was one of 9 lodges in the entire jurisdiction to receive the Grand Master’s Award. The spirit of the Lodge is well admired within the district and has been numerous times praised for excellent degree work, very successful events and a very harmonious and fun mix of Brothers, from various ethnic, social generational and religious backgrounds. 

Past Masters

1869-70 †Wor. Richard M. Barker

1870-71 †Wor. Richard Pope

1871-73 †Wor. Francis C. Hersey

1873-75 †Wor. George W. Kingman

1875-77 †Wor. Francis C. Choates

1877-78 †Wor. William S. Crosby

1878-80 †Wor. Jerome Smith

1880-81 †Wor. Darius F. Drake

1881-83 †Wor. Charles H. Mayo

1883-84 †Wor. Arthur E. Gill

1884-86 †Wor. Albert White

1886-88 †Wor. Charles T. Wood

1888-90 †Wor. Maurice J. O’Connell

1890-92 †RW William Puffer

1892-94 †Wor. Charles F. Kelly

1894-96 †Wor. George A. Crawford

1896-98 †Wor. Frederick R. Charnock

1898-1900 †Wor. Herbert M. Dodge

1900-01 †Wor. Benjamin A. Ham

1901-03 †Wor. Elnathian W. Haskell

1903-05 †Wor. Henry Seibert

1905-06 †Wor. Benjamin S. Frost

1906-08 †Wor. Edward F. Newton

1908-10 †Wor. Francis S. Lord

1910-11 †RW George C. Thacher (2)

1911-12 †Wor. Frank I. Black

1912-14 †RW George T. Wiley

1914-15 †Wor. Charles S. Winne

1915-16 †Wor. Andrew E. Sherburne

1916-17 †Wor. J. Rudolph Bartlet

1917-18 †Wor. Owen A. Jackson

1918-19 †Wor. William J.H. Worthington

1919-20 †Wor. Osman A. Wells

1920-21 †Wor. Robert C. Foster

1921-22 †Wor. Hans H.M. Borghardt

1922-23 †Wor. Robert Scott

1923-24 †Wor. Ralph P. Lane

1924-25 †RW Ralph Lowe, Jr. ( 1 )

1925-26 †Wor. Anders T. Tellstrom

1926-28 †RW Harry C. Black

1928-29 †Wor. Charles H. Bartlett

1929-30 †Wor. Kingdon R. Watt

1930-31 †Wor. Coleman C. McCutty

1931-32 †Wor. Allison W. Robbins

1932-33 †Wor. Charles W. Noffsinger

1933-34 †Wor. Lawrence F. Squire

1934-35 †Wor. Albert M. Kreider

1935-36 †Wor. Leslie J. Kewer

1936-37 †Wor. Charles W. Lowe

1937-38 †Wor. A. Waler Tate

1938-39 †Wor. Roland Hill

1939-40 †Wor. Stanley P. Rupert

1940-41 †RW David L. Martin

1941-42 †Wor. William G. Lewis

1942-43 †RW Simon Nazarian ( 6 )

1943-44 †Wor. Joseph L. Grover

1944-45 †Wor. Arthur W. Hanson

1945-46 †RW John C. MacDonald, Jr. (1, 6)

1946-47 †Wor. Maxwell B. Lowman

1947-48 †Wor. Harry J. Sample

1948-49 †Wor. Frederick M. Blenkhorn

1949-50 †Wor. Louis H. Mann

1950-51 †Wor. Louis Kimpel

1951-52 †Wor. John D. Hislop

1952-53 †Wor. Richard S. Maguire

1953-54 †Wor. Astor S. Dinjian

1954-55 †Wor. Russell Davis

1955-56 †Wor. Osborne V. Webster

1956-57 †Wor. W. Douglas Creighton, Jr.

1957-58 †Wor. Earle F. Cook, Jr.

1958-59 †Wor. George Antonopoulos

1959-60 †Wor. Cyril Wyche, Jr.

1960-61 †Wor. Frank J. Dennehy

1961-62 †RW William Antonopoulos ( 4 , 8)

1962-63 †Wor. Charles E. Wood

1963-64 †RW Earl D. Leake ( 1, 4, 6, 8 )

1964-65 †Wor. Russell P. Cook

1965-66 Wor. William Noun ( 6, 9 )

1966-67 †Wor. Nicholas Noun (5)

1967-68 †Wor. Richardson Stoughton

1968-69 †Wor. Walter E. Oak

1969-70 †Wor. David Schraft ( 5 )

1970-71 RW Joseph Somario ( 8 )

1971-72 †Wor. Osborne V. Webster

1972-73 †RW William Antonopoulos ( 4, 8 )

1973-74 †Wor. Robert G. Williams ( 7 )

1974-75 †Wor. Sidney M. Couper

1975-76 †RW Ernest C. Sofis ( 1 )

1976-77 †Wor. Nathan Bordenstein

1977-78 Wor. Robert J. Jones, II ( 5 )

1978-79 Wor. David E. Webster

1979-80 †Wor. Domenico B. Bettinelli ( 4, 6 )

1980-82 †RW John C. MacDonald , III (1, 4)

1982-83 †Wor. John W. Bradford, Jr.

1983-84 RW Frank W. Pagano, Jr. (1, 2, 4)

1984-85 †Wor. George A. Anagnos

1985-86 †Wor. Philip Nachinoff

1986-87 †Wor. James C.J. Carcerano ( 6 )

1987-88 †Wor. Ronald E. Burton

1988-89 Wor. John C. MacDonald

1989-90 Wor. Stephen R. Somario ( 5 )

1990-91 Wor. Malcolm C. King ( 6 )

1991-92 Wor. Demetrius Emmanuel

1992-93 †RW Earl D. Leake ( 1, 4, 6, 8 )

1993-94 Wor. Milan A. Vaclavik

1994-95 Wor. Demetrius Emmanuel

1995-96 Wor. Bruce G. Gregory

1996-97 †Wor. Robert M. Femino

1997-98 RW Alan P. Koufos ( 1, 6 )

1998-99 Wor. Christopher M. Anderson

1999-00 Wor. Timothy M. Craven

2000-01 Wor. Paul S. Williams

2001-02 Wor. Charles A. Mitchell, III

2002-03 Wor. Ian L. Borden

2003-04 Wor. Nicholas M. Zallas

2004-05 Wor. Michael J. Slyman ( 4, 6, b )

2005-06 †RW David R. Holland (1, 2)

2006-07 Wor. Costa Papadopoulos

2007-08 Wor. Michael Tkach

2008-09 RW Nicholas S. Papadinis ( 1 )

2009-10 Wor. Nicholas Orlov

2010-11 Wor. Eugene C. Goyette

2011-12 Wor. Craig O. Pina

2012-13 Wor. Edward A. Alexander

2013-14 Wor. Anthony T. Visconti

2014-15 Wor. Michael A. Visconti

2015-16 Wor. Ross A. Papadinis

2016-17 Wor. Andrew J. Carcerano

2017-19 Wor. Dana C . Rowen

2019-20 Wor. Joel A. Reich

2020-22 Wor. Michael J. Slyman (4,6,b)

2022-23 Wor. George A Panagopoulos

Italics—Withdrawn     †—Deceased

1—District Deputy Grand Master, 2—Grand Steward, 3—Grand Deacon, 4—District Deputy Grand Marshal, 5—District Deputy Grand Secretary, 6—Master Lodge of Instruction, 7—Chairman 4th Forum, 8—Grand Representative, 9—District Awareness Officer, a—District Ambassador, b—District Treasurer